Authorization and Certification of Sculptural and Artistic Activity

Authorization and certification of sculptural and artistic activity is a signed licensed document with a unique number confirming the right to conduct sculptural and artistic activities under the guidance of Sculpture Solutions.

The permission to conduct sculptural activity is issued by the organization Sculpture Solutions. This permission is not a legal document, but it certifies the right of its owner to perform sculptural and artistic works under the guidance of Sculpture Solutions, as well as their financing, issuing permits for a full range of works on the project or for certain types of work (visualization, shaping, modeling, painting etc.), as well as sculptural project in general or creation of its individual elements. In addition, you can receive free subdomain name

Carrying out sculptural activities under the guidance of Sculpture Solutions without the appropriate license, as well as the works not listed in the license providing the right to conduct sculptural and artistic activities, in particular after the expiry of the permit (without reauthorization), is considered unauthorized and punishable by law.

Sculpture Solutions reserves the right to review the application of the candidate within a month’s time and makes a decision to authorize the conduct of sculptural and artistic activities or issue a reasoned refusal for such a permission. If the candidate applies to extend the validity period of the certificate, the organization shall consider the request within a period not exceeding 10 days from the date of receipt of the application.

Refusal to issue a certificate for conduct of sculptural and artistic activities under the guidance of Sculpture Solutions is not subject to appeal.


The certificate is provided in the original, is one of a kind and does not have copies. The holder of the certificate claims to be able to work on large-scale and significant projects, as well as acquire new skills, master special techniques and use new materials in projects, gain an access to confidential information on confidential sculptural projects.

Project Updates

After obtaining appropriate authorization for the conduct of sculptural and artistic activities, sculptors will automatically be signed up to receive information about the current projects they can participate in at their own request. Projects can take place in different countries of the world. Flights and accommodation is arranged by the organization that has issued the certificate.

The following qualities and skills are taken into account: