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About Us

Along with architecture, sculpture has been the main form of monumental art and the driving force of all civilizations for millennia. This type of art includes small garden sculptures made from stone, cement, wood, and ice as well as large-scale monumental sculptures which were created in reconciliation with the compositional unity and natural or architectural environment.

We meet works of art everywhere we go, at our every step, because they are created in a range of diverse techniques to make exceptional compositions, stained-glass artworks, sculpture gardens and parks, concrete, wood and stone sculptures, indoor and outdoor sculpture, bas reliefs and high reliefs, exotic decorations with the imitation of natural materials, indoor and outdoor sculpture that is used in private and public places.

Sculpture Solutions exists to throw light on the vast area of sculpture and visual arts and encourage people to be involved in creativity in every possible way.

We also provide detailed information on sculpture, techniques, history, media, tools, materials, methods, finishes, forms, types, and elements and principles of sculptural design, illustrations, graphic design, and art overall for amateurs and professionals in this field as well as those who are willing to begin their artistic journey.

Who Is Behind the Scenes of Sculpture Solutions?

Roman Mak

Roman is a professional sculptor and designer who has been working with visual arts for 11 years already. Being an expert in sculptural technologies, Roman shares his knowledge of sculpture and art in a detailed and somewhat progressive and dynamic manner.

Jenna Wilkerson

Studying world art history and world culture, Jenna hasn’t ever contemplated being part of a project that involves art and creativity. With deep knowledge of cultures and art of ancient civilizations, she is able to analyze the most accurate and up-to-date data and explain different art processes and phenomena.

Glenn Collins

Glenn is a graphic designer, illustrator, and sketch artist involved in a range of sculptural projects all over the world. Through illustrations and sculptural and architectural design, he is focused on creating bold projects and investing all of his passion for art in them. 

Sculpture Solutions