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How to Learn Drawing and How to Draw Well in 2021?

Drawing is easy. And you can actually learn how to draw and paint pretty fast.

Wait, you’d say, what a bold and unrealistic statement! My wife Lora who has always wanted to learn drawing said something like this. Yes and no. It all depends on the angle you’re looking from.

When I told that to Lora, she thought that it was some kind of a joke which I’m a master at. Lora has always wanted to draw, and when I make sketches, from time to time, she sits next to me watching intently. And every time she gasps with excitement and a little bit of jealousy (sorry, honey!) when looking at my finished work.

First, it flattered and pleased my ego but then I started wondering why she won’t start drawing herself. Until I really found out the reason. She wasn’t even hoping to try as she thought it was too difficult and she was too old to start learning.

And this is when I told her: “Drawing is easy. And you can actually learn how to draw and paint pretty fast.”

Is Drawing a Skill or a Talent?

Just like lots of other things, pencil drawing is definitely a skill that can be practiced and developed. However, it may need a piece of talent just to improve this skill. And if you hear that people talk about those naturally talented artists, you must know that they just have different spatial and visual intelligence and are able to visually observe the colors, measure the distance from one object to another, etc.

No one is born with the ability to draw extremely perfectly using correct perspective, lights and shadows, suitable colors and perfect proportions. Painting and drawing is a mere skill which can be learned and developed with dedication, time and lots of repetition. And talent is that constituent which makes it easier to improve.

“Every artist was first an amateur.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson
learn drawing an eye

All popular and great artists have invested years into what they were doing, and because of constant practice they have created their masterpieces that we know and see today.

“I am still learning.”


What Age Is the Best when Learning to Draw and Paint?

You can learn to draw and paint at any age, really! Certainly, it is much easier to do things and learn something new when you are young, however, it doesn’t mean that older age can be an obstacle here. The only thing you’ll need is motivation because it is the motivation that has an impact on the human’s ability to try and learn new things. 

It is no secret that most young people lack patience and discipline when it comes to learning while older people are more mature. And even though the mind may not be as sharp as before, or there might be so many responsibilities, things to do, and errands to run, persistence, strong will, and eagerness will do their job. 

If you have time, use it effectively. If you don’t have that much time, it may take you longer but you’ll definitely become an artist if you really want to.

How Long Does It Usually Take to Learn Drawing and Painting?

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell stated that “10,000 hours is the magic number of greatness”. This means that to master some skill, a person has to invest 10,000 hours of his life. 

Gladwell’s rule derives from the study of pianist and violinists which was conducted in 1993. The results claimed that the more the musicians practiced, the better they performed. Researchers concluded that natural talent wasn’t the primary factor that determined top-ranked performance, and difference in ability was down to how long and how much they practiced.

“You are what you do repeatedly.”


It doesn’t mean that you have to spend 10,000 hours learning how to draw a dog, or a rose, or a face, and do it perfectly. Art is much more than that. You have to set the priorities, choose an approach, and follow it till you start learning and mastering certain techniques.

And your learning will never stop. Artists always try to think out of the box, push themselves to the limits, try new things, create their own styles. Some are good at drawing landscapes but suck at portraits. Some may draw animals pretty well but struggle with still-life.

Your possibilities are endless. Even if you have been creating art for years, you might want to try different things in drawing or painting or test new media. Practice makes perfect. 

How to Learn Drawing and How to Draw Well in 2021?

Why Making Art Is Beneficial

Art is more than craft because it:

  • Improves memory and overall cognitive function;
  • Reduces anxiety levels and helps you relax;
  • Improves focus and attention;
  • Has pain-relieving properties by moving the mental focus away from the painful stimuli
  • Makes you more creative and resilient;
  • Makes you a happier person and mitigates the signs of depression.

It doesn’t matter what medium you use and what type of art you create, you will definitely get the most out of it by reaching new heights and hitting new milestones. 

Stop Hesitating – Start Learning How to Draw Today

It isn’t easy to make the first step. It takes courage and motivation. But with strong desire, the right mindset, and dedication you can take on the world.

If you want to do it, you should stop putting it off and start right now. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get the first results which will amaze you and make you proud.

So when Lora pronounced her desire and said that she was ready to learn drawing, I started searching for perfect online drawing lessons which could take dreamers like my wife and lead them from the basics to drawing realistic objects and people.

The problem of most online drawing lessons is that they focus more on theoretical knowledge which is provided haphazardly and in bulk. Yes, you do need theory when studying but what you need the most is practice from the very start. It took me a good deal of time to look through dozens of courses and lessons to finally find the one which seemed to me well thought-out, smart, and well-structured. 

Nolan Clark, the creator of Pencil Drawing Made Easy online art classes, has been teaching art for more than 20 years already, and over 3 million people learned how to draw and paint with the help of his course. And (what a score!) it came with a huge discount, so I bought it at some $47.

With 42 hours of step-by-step drawing tutorials, Lora has learned the basics like texture, shading, reflections, and negative drawing, and then hit the next level – realistic portraits. What a daze it was for me when I started losing my wife as she dug deeper and deeper into her new hobby – learning how to draw. And what she can draw now sometimes knocks me over with a feather.

Pencil Drawing Made Easy beginner drawing lessons are all about creating art and constant practice. 

No more dull theoretical knowledge. You will look at the concept and dive into the wonderful world of art during the class.

Lesson 1 – Introduction

Lesson 2 – Shading Techniques

Lesson 3 – Creating Texture

Lesson 4 – Creating Depth

Lesson 5 – Negative Drawing

Lesson 6 – Reflective Objects

Lesson 7 – Realistic Eyes

Lesson 8 – Realistic Noses

Lesson 9 – Realistic Mouths

Lesson 10 – Realistic Ears

Lesson 11 – Cheek, Chin, Neck, Forehead

Lesson 12 – Realistic Hair

Lesson 13 – Beards & Moustaches

Plus awesome bonuses:

Bonus Lesson – Clothing & Knitwear

Bonus Lesson – Realistic Hands

Bonus Lesson – Hyper Realistic Drawing

Extra Bonus – pdf References & Templates

And even more!

Power Bonus Lessons – 4 parts of Drawing Birds lesson!

Learn drawing and master your skill wherever you are and whatever device you have with you. All you need is a set of pencils, drawing paper, and two erasers.

“In the end we retain from our studies only that which we practically apply.”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

So why wait for a sign if you can start right now at just $47 for 42 brilliant hours of HD classes at Pencil Drawing Made Easy beginner drawing lessons?

And after all, I feel like I owe you the result of Lora’s studies. For just as little as 47 bucks my wife got from this:

How to Learn Drawing and How to Draw Well in 2021?
Lora’s cat before

To this:

How to Learn Drawing and How to Draw Well in 2021?
Lora’s cat after

No doubt that this course has helped thousands of new and professional artists to improve their art but it also proved that EVERYONE can learn drawing and master this skill!

That’s what I’m talking about! And believe a professional, I know what I’m talking about. Drawing complex objects and sceneries like this is easy once you get to know how to do it.

My personal recommendation: Start now and get instant access to the first class. Because you can be drawing your first piece in 5-minute’s time.


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